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Today Is Your Day to Fall in Love with Kale {Recipes}

by Elise Museles

Wednesday, October 1st is “officially” National Kale Day.Roasted-kale

That’s right, National Kale Day is an actual annual holiday, celebrating the eating, growing and sharing of this cruciferous super-veggie.

As you know, kale is jam-packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and fiber. And whether you’re a green smoothie worshipper, plant-based lover, or just like to toss some extra leafies into your meals, I know you’re totally on board with the importance of infusing more dark, leafy greens into your life.

To me, celebrating this versatile, powerhouse of a vegetable means so much more than just appreciating food. Celebrating kale represents an awe-inspiring movement.

Do you remember when kale was basically everyone’s leafy green nemesis? Casually mentioning kale recipes would cause a whole lot of eye rolling and an occasional gag reflex.

I was an early kale adopter, but I cringe to admit that I wasn’t exactly reveling in its flavor. Then, I didn’t care much about flavor at all. I was solely focused on measuring out my recommended daily dose of the latest superfood and robotically munching on its bitter, raw leaves because it was “good for me,” not because I actually got any enjoyment from it.

Fast forward to present day, and this story seems unreal. There are literally thousands of creative, exciting, and wildly delicious ways to enjoy this leafy green. Search #kale on Instagram or Facebook and an entire array of mouthwatering dishes will instantly appear before your eyes. Sit down at any health-conscious restaurant and kale will most definitely be on the menu, oftentimes front and center.

And this brings me back to one of my favorite messages—pleasure. It took me a long time to realize that food is our friend, and having a healthy mindset & lifestyle is not about deprivation and eating boring foods (while doing punishing exercise). It seems that I, and many of you, have thrown that old mentality away. And while food’s primary function is to nourish our cells, it also gives us the opportunity to play with flavor and color, connect with people while savoring a meal, and even build new traditions to pass on where “health food” is innovative & enjoyable. (Yes, nutritious can be delicious!)

I think we can all agree that celebrating National Kale Day is not just about cheering for the vegetable. It’s really about cheering for and nourishing our own bodies in fascinating & appealing new ways.

In honor of National Kale Day, enjoy three of my latest kitchen creations starring our favorite leafy green.

National Kale Day

Guac-Kale-Mole. How can you go wrong when you mix kale with avocado? This dish brings guacamole to a whole new level in taste & nutrition! It takes only minutes to make and will become one of your favorite go-to superfood snacks.

Roasted Kale Salad with Avocado & FigsThis innovative salad is a nice break from the traditional raw salad, especially in cooler weather when your body naturally craves more cooked foods. Try using roasted kale as a base for other combinations of salad ingredients, too. It’s crunchy, hearty and delicious!

An Ode to Kale Smoothies. Just because the green smoothie trend caused a lot of people to jump on the kale bandwagon, here are TWO hot off the press kale smoothies that will not let you down. Try my Apple Pie Kale Smoothie or test out the latest  Blueberry, Kale & Fig Oasis Smoothie from my soul sister, Ksenia, of Breakfast Criminals.

Now it’s your turn: Is there something healthy you love SO MUCH you want to make it a national holiday? Share it in the comments below!  I’ll start… National Turmeric Day. (Have you ever had a Creamy Turmeric Latte or sprinkled it on roasted veggies? Amazing!)

Happy National Kale Day!

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